Dog Trainers


Mr. Kwok Wing Cheong

German Shepherd Dog Club of Hong Kong SAR (Member of WUSV) Ltd - Chairman

The Hong Kong & Kowloon Kennel Association Ltd. - Executive Committee

German Shepherd Dog Breeders

The Kennel owner Mr. Kwok has several decades of German shepherd breeding experience, each year he will make a trip to Germany for the selection of quality German shepherd dog pedigree back to Hong Kong. In a number of large events, he selected and bought the dogs also can be won many award, of which there were famous Tim Vom Haus Hetok, Lyager's Argo, Lasso Vom Water Loo, and Bostos Vom Huhnegrab. Mr. Kwok also ongoing the efforts to study and improve high quality of local German shepherd breeding.

Mr. Kwok is the German Shepherd Dog Club of Hong Kong SAR (Member of WUSV) Ltd. - Chairman and The Hong Kong & Kowloon Kennel Association Ltd. - Executive Committee, to actively provide general dog knowledge and the right education, let more dog owners have more understanding about dogs training, breeding, and exhibition and so on.

Dog Trainer

Master Cheung Chung Chiu

Lotus Kennel has the famous advisor Cheung Chung Chiu – Director and Training Director. For the Dog Training School he develops the systematic training courses. Cheung Chung Chiu is Hong Kong Kennel Club recognized dog trainer and the registration of Class A, Hong Kong and Kowloon Kennel Club Obedience Group members.

Since 1977, he had been registered as a Hong Kong limited number of authorized Class. Over the past decades, he gained many experience of dogs training, he has repeatedly been invited to the exchange of the relevant units at HK and abroad to give lectures, to technology demonstration and entertainers.

Mr. Kwok Wing Yuen

Mr. Kwok Wing Yuen has breeding of German Shepherd Dog 30 years of experience. From 1984 onwards, Mr. Kwok has breeding over 1000 German shepherd, some of them in Hong Kong and China's major competitions also got a numerous of award .



2011年第19屆港九狗會服從比賽: 高級組冠軍

2011年第111屆香港狗會服從比賽: 中級組冠軍

2010年第110屆香港狗會服從比賽: 新秀組冠軍 初級組冠軍

2009年第18屆港九狗會服從比賽: 中級組亞軍 高級組冠軍