Dog Training

The Fundamental Training - Course Description

Dog owners have created dog's behavior, so we do not have bad dogs, only dog owners to teach bad dogs. We have had guard dog, hunting dog & toy dogs, they have different training, trained to follow the owner's order and gestures, and make the dog completes the movement accurately and smoothly. We shall set correct individual and essential training points, so that dogs can quickly develop a good, stability behavior and habits to become a cute and a good baby.

Training principles:

  • To build relationships – When the trainer becomes a master, naturally the dog will be obeying the trainer.
  • Individualized – Each dog's nerves in different types, personality differences, the breeding objectives are different, according to different dog characteristics; trainers will make flexible individualized training.
  • Progressive approach – Must be gradual and progressive approach through the easy process then became more complex training, forming a fixed dynamic stereotype.

Training Procedure:

  • The first phase is train the dogs with an order, establish the basic conditions for reflection, let the dog follows the master's order to do the movements. Training establishments should be quiet, to prevent the external stimulation and disturbance. Dog with correct action will have reward, if it doesn't correct, we have to correct it patiently.
  • The second stage is a reflex complex phase, request the dog to do each different actions and organizing together. Environmental conditions should not be complicated, but cannot affect the training under the premise, change the environment frequently, improving dogs' adaptability. The incorrect action and delay with implement order; you must be promptly corrected, using compulsory means to appropriately strengthen the intensity of mechanical stimulation. The correct action must be rewarded.
  • The third stage is the environmental complexity stage, let the dog has been lured by other objects, still can be implementation master's order. When conduct in the training, the dog's brain activity still maintain a high degree of concentration, as if training in a quiet environment.

Training fee (per month): Small dog $7,500/medium dog $8,000/large dog $8,500/super dog $9,000


sessions: Daily training internship stake within one month


It is recommended that guests make an appointment for free consultation, so that the master to assess the problem, jointly study the training policy, the effect will be greater and faster. (If the dog is aggressive or after the bowel health problems, etc., will be on a case-by-case basis or have the opportunity to charge additional fees, guests can inform the home house in advance of the training period, make the relevant assessment)



close to the owner to move forward along the left side, to keep forward and not backward progress.


Sit down(Sit)

forelimb vertical and curved hind legs sit on the ground, tail flat on the ground.


Lying next(Down)

foreleg elbow forward flat on the ground, with body width, hind legs tighten affixed to the abdomen both sides, the head natural upward, tail natural flat on the ground.



during the training trainer will drag the dog, first call the dog's name, arouse dog's attention and then issued a "come" slogan, while at the same time both pulling and backward, so that the dog comes.


Wait (Stay)

to enable the dog stay & wait in a specified location.

Protection Training

Dogs trained by senior guard dogs, when they find suspicious characters appear, will protect their masters of their natural nature, immediately with a light body drive, quick agility, chasing suspects.

German Shepherd Competition Training

The kennel with years of training and training dogs experience and professional skills. In the past Hong Kong or domestic and international dog show competition, lotus kennel German shepherd countless awards.