Boarding Care Service

Boarding Care Service

We have boarding care services & assigned someone responsible for every day care, morning and evening cleaning and feeding, to give dogs a comfortable environment temporarily living.

Per Night Charge:
Small dog:$280 / Medium:$300 / Large:$320

Monthly Fee:
Small dog:$4,500 / Medium:$5,000 / Large:$5,500

Training Course:

Training fee (per month): Small dog $7,500/medium dog $8,000/large dog $8,500/super dog $9,000

  • Basic obedience training: There are accompanying rope, sit down, lie under to come, waiting for
  • Advanced obedience training: cordless accompanied by, sit down, lying under the come, waiting for

Course Characteristics : Design for real-life courses, dogs in different venues, different instructors and group training to enhance the dog's stabilities.

Service Content : Dogs are accommodated in air-conditioned thermostat kennels, morning and evening feeding, morning and evening movement, morning and evening cleaning kennels and dog place, weekly shower and clean ears.

Bathing Service
Provide high quality professional dog services for your satisfaction.